Formal title: Addressing Settlement Data Adjustments in a Balanced Manner

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CP1363 was raised by ENW Ltd and seeks to place an obligation on Suppliers that any compensatory adjustments undertaken to address overstatements and understatements of energy are made in an overall balanced manner. Addressing or prioritising all issues causing overstatements in energy or all issues causing understatements in energy would result in an overall detrimental impact on the accuracy of Settlements as it would create a skew in the Settlement data. The CP is intended to facilitate a reduction in the level of distortion that occurs when these adjustments are made and prevent any unreasonable skew in the volume settled.


CP1363 was raised  and issued for industry impact assessment  as part of CPC 706 on 25 November 2011. It was rejected by the SVG on 31 January 2012. Full details of the SVG decision can be found on the SVG webpage in the Approved Minutes for meeting 132.


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