Performance Assurance Reporting and Monitoring System (PARMS)


This page explains how the Performance Assurance Reporting and Monitoring System (PARMS) collects data and how it supports a number of Performance Assurance Techniques.

How it relates to you

The PARMS database contains information about how Suppliers and their Supplier Hubs are performing.

Performance data is submitted by:

  • Suppliers
  • Supplier Agents
  • Supplier Meter Registration Agents (SMRAs)
  • Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA)

The PARMS Timetable shows dates for when Data Provider Information (DPI) is due and the associated PARMS Submission Date.

A charge will be incurred by Suppliers who do not provide a complete set of performance data either themselves or via their Supplier Agents by the 20th working day deadline.

Introduction to PARMS

This video explains the PARMS submissions, timescales, monitoring requirements (the ‘Serials’) and the performance measures (the ‘Standards’).

Further information and videos

Submitting the data

Data needs to be sent to PARMS database within 20 Working Days of the end of each month. It is sent using your designated email address to [email protected]

If you did not designate dedicated mailbox for PARMS reporting please do so by filling out Balancing and Settlement Code Procedure (BSCP) F533/01 form and sending it to [email protected].

Suppliers receive automated reports confirming what data was submitted by Supplier Agents acting on their behalf. ELEXON process this information and extract it for our monitoring processes.

About the data

PARMS data is provided by Supplier and Supplier Agents. Performance requirements are defined within PARMS Serials. PARMS Serials and Standards are defined Service Levels that effect:

  • Suppliers
  • Non Half Hourly and Half Hourly Data Aggregators
  • Non Half Hourly and Half Hourly Data Collectors
  • Non Half Hourly and Half Hourly Meter Operator Agents
  • Supplier Meter Registration Service Agents (SMRS)

Serials and standards

The Serial determines the process being measured. The purpose of the Serials is to provide assurance that participants are meeting their obligations in the BSC and Code Subsidiary documents.

The Standards are the measurement points within the process.

Completeness and Incompleteness Reports

At 18 WD and 22 WD after end of a given month PARMS will issue automated reports to Supplier’s designated email box highlighting Serials that were received by the database and those that are still missing by Serial and Data Provider.

Data used elsewhere

It is used in the Peer Comparison and Supplier Charges information techniques and in reports to the Performance Assurance Board (PAB). The data is published with PAB meeting papers each month.


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